Meet Liz Cullum: Account Operations Director at Upstream360

Apr 21, 2023

As the Account Operations Director, Liz touches each project that comes through the company and sets them up for success from start to finish. She analyzes the operations of the organization as a whole and identifies what is working and what may need optimization for future projects to ensure they run smoothly, efficiently, and are profitable.

Liz’s motto when it comes to work and life: “Don’t dwell on the things out of your control, you can’t change the past. What you can control is making your present and future the best it can be. So take that risk, you have control of what your tomorrow holds!”

With an eye toward the future and an ethic of working hard and taking risks, Liz has helped grow Upstream360 through new clients, new capabilities, and new talent. She has even helped guide the formation of U360 Medical, Upstream360’s sister organization which specializes in point of care product communication.

“I am a creative at heart!”

Liz studied Marketing and International Business at the University of Cincinnati and worked at LPK, a global innovation and branding agency. While there, a brand manager mentored Liz and taught her how to communicate with clients with clarity and composure during even the most challenging projects.

Liz then moved to New York to work at Real Estate Arts (REA), a brand and marketing agency that turns breakthrough ideas into transformative experiences. “I am a creative at heart!” she says which is why she has always sought out career paths in the creative world.

The key to her success today is her ability to get everyone on the same page. To “calm the room when emotions are high and bring people back to reality – or back to their dreams.”

A change influencer

Liz made the move to Upstream360 close to seven years ago – and hasn’t looked back. Her favorite part of the job? “The array of different types of projects that come through our office and of course the people I get to work with!”

It’s this foundation of relationship-building that has helped Liz flourish – and has benefited Upstream360 in so many ways. From sorting out big, complicated productions to launching a brand-new business, Liz has been on the ground floor of some of Upstream360’s biggest successes.

Liz says, “I used to just go with the flow and do as I was told, checking things off other people’s endless lists. Now I am influencing change and making my own lists.”

“My focus starts and ends with my kids!”

In true superhero fashion, when Liz isn’t saving the day at Upstream360, she’s pouring her heart and soul into her daughter Isabel and son Jameson. It takes just a glance at the pictures on her desk and at her calendar to realize how proud Liz is of her kids.

And it takes her mastery in project management to keep up with their ambitious schedules! Whether she’s cheering for them on a ball-field, helping them with homework, or taking them on another fun-filled adventure, Liz’s kids are her top priority and the foundation and inspiration for all the creative energy she brings to her work and life.

What comes next?

The future of the industry is going to get scrappier and scrappier, according to Liz. “More social, targeted and clever communication is going to be key.”

But with a director like Liz at the helm of our operations, Upstream360’s future is bright, and we will continue connecting with clients, solving their trickiest problems, and delivering exceptional results.