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The power of three


E-Commerce Content

The power of three

At Upstream, we know details are everything. That’s why every minutia, from motion graphics speed to font size in a Before and After to actor inflection in an Explainer video is guaranteed to seamlessly reflect (and further) your brand’s personality, while simultaneously demonstrating the appeal of your product.

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Erase consumer concerns with the click of a button.

Our e-commerce content is designed to seamlessly highlight product benefits, clearly demonstrate efficacy, illuminate key promises, and consistently drive trial from site visitors. All by relentlessly focusing on the million dollar question: “what do they need to hear right now?”

At every turn, our content is geared toward alleviating fears of the unknown (‘what if this doesn’t work out? What if I waste money on this?’) and replacing this hesitancy with trust and feelings of conviction. Suddenly the conversation changes as product explainers, engaging animations, and persuasive copy all open the gateway for a new emotion: excitement.

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Transformative visuals

Get visitors not only open to trying your product, but effusively excited to, by leveraging targeted Before and Afters. These subtle yet dramatic compositions anticipate consumer needs and desires, positioning your offering as the ideal solution to their ongoing problem to the extent they think: this is just what I need.

Benefit-driven copy

Product videos