All the ways our team gets inspired

Dec 20, 2022

Seeking out creative inspiration is not only good for our well-being, but it can also give our brains the break it needs. When we engage in activities that is outside of our work, we are allowing ourselves the time to recharge. Movies, music, nature and art are all great examples of content that can inspire us to reignite the creative flame. Since we work in a creative field constantly, we can feel like our “creativeness” is running dry at times. That’s why we asked our employees to share some advice on what keeps them creatively inspired throughout the year.


"I recently attended a Coldplay concert for their Music of the Sphere tour. One aspect that I particularly enjoyed was the concept of "everyone is an alien somewhere." Another highlight for me was the quote from the song "Humankind," which states "we're only human, but we're capable of kindness. So they call us humankind."


"What creatively inspired me this past year would probably be all the senior editors at Upstream. As a new editor, it’s been really inspiring to work on senior projects. It’s given me a chance to explore/learn how senior editors animate and figure out the different techniques they use. It’s been a huge help with my own animations, and it motivates me to do better."


"The colors of nature are creatively inspiring to me. I feel like life has finally gotten back to pre-covid (or at least as close as we will be for a while), and its just renewing and inspiring to see the colors and phases in nature go through their cycle, as if our world as we know it didn't just implode, lol."


"We took a trip to Detroit over the summer. Many people were surprised that we chose Detroit, of all places. But it’s truly an inspiring city, bustling with innovation and regeneration. Everywhere you look you see a celebration of its core while building something new. Creatively, that’s what we do – find new ways of looking at old problems and bring fresh thinking to historic brands."


"My two children have been a huge inspiration for me throughout the past year. My daughter is 10 years old, and my son is 7 years old, and they keep me on my toes every day! I love seeing the world through their eyes and creative minds. They are both continuously teaching me something new as I’m trying to be their biggest supporter, educator, role model and friend. Kids see and react to the world differently and it’s amazing to me how their minds tick and grow. They continue to remind and help me be my best, while I’m doing the same for them! They have taught me to appreciate every moment (big or small) in each passing day! And my promise to them is to continue to be a source of support and encouragement as they navigate the great world around them!"


"I pull inspiration from nature. Often if I take a walk by myself and allow myself the time to think and explore, creative ideas are generated."


"I love growing a vegetable garden every summer. This summer I challenged myself to expand and grew my largest garden with many new vegetables and peppers which led me to experiment with new recipes to utilize my harvest. My favorite recipe was jalapeno pepper jelly."


"My two children are always an inspiration for me. Since they are still both rather young, they express themselves in the purest way. Seeing how they interrupt and then share back (through stories, drawings, or emotions) the world in such an unbiased way is a good reminder to not only look at the world with fresh eyes but to also react to it in a way that is true to yourself. It is a freedom that is both precious and powerful."


"Video games tend to be a big source of inspiration to me. They let me turn my brain off for a while but also inspire me through enriching storytelling and amazing visuals. A game that comes to mind that has blown me away is the Last of Us series. It can be a dark and depressing game, but sometimes its' visuals and storytelling just really light you up."


"Something that really inspired me this year was the plethora of different audio dramas available online! One really stand-out show was Red Valley, a sci-fi horror podcast that launched during 2020. I found it this year and adored the different characters, cast, and suspenseful plot! Something I enjoy a lot about podcasts and audio dramas is how it lets the audience run with their imagination as there isn’t anything to see and there isn’t much description. I love getting to stretch my creative chops when illustrating scenes and characters from it! In addition, I really admired how a small crew was able to create such an amazing and high-quality show on a time crunch and budget during the height of COVID. Highly recommend!"


I've been very inspired this year by the video game Genshin Impact. The lore is deep, the graphics are beautiful, the characters are engaging, the music is sublime, and I can explore as far as my heart desires.

Seeking out creative inspiration is important because it helps to stimulate the mind and spark new ideas. By exposing ourselves to different sources of inspiration, we can break out of our usual thought patterns and come up with fresh, innovative solutions to problems. In addition, engaging with creative inspiration can help to increase our motivation and passion for our work, leading to a more fulfilling and rewarding experience. By regularly seeking out creative inspiration, we can keep our minds sharp and open to new possibilities, leading to a more vibrant and dynamic life.