Why Brand Marketers Need to Utilize Education-First TV Copy

Sep 10, 2021

In today’s world, the sheer amount of information available can easily overwhelm consumers when making purchases. Their ability to find, understand and trust the information they encounter has become more convoluted. Let’s use dish detergent as an example. With so many brands available today, choosing that dish detergent isn’t as simple as grabbing the first package on the shelf.

Consumers want proof. For example, they’re considering does this dish detergent actually work? They also want context: how does this dish detergent fit in my life?

Todays consumers want to be empowered,” says Erica Westerfield, Associate Creative Director at Upstream 360 “and if we want to connect with them and gain their trust, we have to entrust them with information so they can feel confident about their purchasing decisions.

Connecting with consumers is all about communicating with them, but that can be tricky.

Communication Problems to Overcome

Reaching consumers in a straightforward way is key. “People don’t buy the best products. They buy the products they can understand the fastest,” writes Donald Miller in Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen.

One problem that interferes with clear communication and understanding is the complexity of the product.

In addition, when there are too many competitors, how does the consumer differentiate? Then there’s the problem of misinformation on ingredients and effectiveness—making the consumer’s decision even more confusing.

And last, what happens when consumers simply don’t think they need your product?

The Solution: Education-First TV Copy

Education-First TV Copy provides consumers with clear, accurate information to help them make a purchase decision. According to Conductor, “Consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after they consume education content.”

Education-First TV Copy explains the benefits of your product with a consumer-relevant hook. It delivers an emotive insight on your product and maintains your brand character.

When marketers explain the science behind a product using consumer-friendly visuals, what was once a confusing, complex decision, becomes clear. This positions your brand as an expert and builds trust with the consumer.

Nielsen reports that “TV and radio, still command the highest share of collective trust in advertising. In fact, 59% of people 35-49 consider TV spots very or somewhat trustworthy.”

By using Education-First TV Copy, we can reach consumers with the straightforward information they need to feel confident choosing your brand.

Aducate 360: A Proven Formula

At Upstream 360, we believe product education doesn’t have to feel like product education. We create hard-hitting Education-First TV Copy that puts your product and benefit front and center.

Our Aducate 360 formula blends education with a consumer-relevant hook and emotive insight within your brand character.

This focused approach goes from ideation to on-air as quickly as 6-8 weeks. Using our proven formula, we investigate, illuminate, and fascinate.

The end result is a TV spot for your product that feels like your brand and drives trial. We create Education-First TV Copy that provides consumers an opportunity to think critically. Plus, they’ll build a trusting relationship with your brand.

So the next time consumers are deciding which dish soap to buy in the grocery store aisle, they’ll feel confident choosing your brand.

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