Meet Christina Shroyer: Graphic Design Lead

Sep 28, 2023

Here’s a riddle: What do you get when you blend artistry with efficiency?

Christina Shroyer, Upstream360’s Graphic Design Lead, of course!

On taking chances – and loving it

Christina has considered herself an artist since high school when she explored a variety of mediums including paint, watercolor, charcoal and more.

After high school, she attended the University of Cincinnati for a year before taking a chance and joining the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, a world-class program that pairs students with professionals in semesters-long co-ops. She majored in Graphic Communications which blended her love of art and creativity with the simplicity and efficiency of communications.

“I didn’t know graphic design existed before DAAP,” she says. “I just took a chance and loved it!” So much so that she received a Master’s in Design Communications from the same program.

During her time in UC’s DAAP program, she co-oped with two package design companies. After graduating, she worked for UC’s marketing department as well as freelanced on the side before being hired at Medpace as a brand and graphic designer for clinical trials.

The art of medical communications

To put it lightly, medical communications is not easy. It involves boiling down complex science into short, easy-to-digest pieces of information that consumers can instantaneously understand. And when people’s health is on the line, there are a lot of hoops to jump through when it comes to passing legal.

“Working in medical requires a sharp eye,” Christina says. “There’s lots of red tape and processes that require consistent accuracy.”

What else did working in the medical communication field teach Christina? “I learned to sift through heavily technical information quickly, execute under rigid processes and protocols, and really focus on the humanity and care of the target audience.”

Mixing medical with product storytelling

Now, Christina puts those skills to good use at Upstream360 as Graphic Design Lead. From day to day, she works on a wide variety of projects and products, from medical devices and beauty to home care and hygiene.

Her favorite part of working at Upstream? “The work! Every week is a new challenge, product, or industry that requires a creative solution.”

No matter the deliverable, she brings the keen eye that she developed in medical communications to each project. And as head of many graphic design projects, she emphasizes her ability to listen well and communicate efficiently with her team as the key to delivering high-quality, consistently accurate work.

For fun, Christina enjoys caring for houseplants and brings her keen eye to the house she and her husband are renovating themselves.

Interested in checking out some of the projects that Christina has led? Visit our website to see some of our work – and don’t be afraid to reach out if you have a product that needs a healthy dose of artistry and efficiency!