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for the World's Biggest Brands
The right visual can connect with audiences on a deeper level. We show how products work and how they deliver on their promises through provocative demonstrations, technical animations and sensory visualizations that educate, persuade and inspire.
We aren’t a typical agency. We aren’t a typical production company. We are a visual strategy group rooted in the communication of brands from concept to copy.

Our team of product experts and visual strategists take a 360-degree view of brands, uncovering visual opportunities and dynamically bringing them to life.

Our ideation sessions are like no other. We bring the right mix of product experts, visual strategists, artists and creative thinkers together in facilitated sessions that get the most out of all types of thinkers. You’ll see your product idea, technology or killer insight in ways you never imagined, guaranteed.

If it can be imagined, we can make it real. We take ideas and turn them on their head using live product demos, animations and signature visualizations for memorable visuals that represent your brand.

A winning idea doesn't guarantee a winning concept. Concept development is a blend of strategy and art, wrapped in a product story that includes a conflict, resolution and reason to believe it. We develop concepts in static or motion format, and our iterative process accommodates qualitative checkpoints for accelerated optimization. Whether it’s local or global, our concept work has qualified and helped launch some of the biggest brands.

Great brand visualization is the basis for great brand marketing and communication. Upstream creates visual stories for brands for use on branded websites, e-commerce sites and social media. We don’t compete with your roster agencies; we complement their campaigns with educational content that takes the product story and experience even further.

If your product has a technical story that requires an extra dose of education, or if you need help selling in your idea or initiative to key stakeholders, influencers or external partners, Upstream's customized product communication programs make the difference. Our team of scientific and technical copywriters, visual strategists, animators and post-production experts customize programs with a turnkey process for your unique product communication needs.

We are fortunate to work on some of the world’s leading brands, as well as up-and-coming products and new businesses.

Our clients represent diverse functions: marketing, R&D, sales, and external relations. And because of our product expertise, we happily partner with other agencies.

With a track record of successful launches, our work gets results.
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Our team is a unique mix of creative and production experts with years of experience in product development and marketing communication.

Working at the intersection of Marketing and Research & Development, our team creates product visuals that form the basis for brand communication at every touchpoint.

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Mark Smith
Chief Creative Officer
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Creative Director
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Executive Producer
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Paul Weber
Post-Production Manager
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Production Asst. / Post-Production
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Project Manager
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