Boost Consumer Trust With this Proven Formula

Sep 13, 2021

Looking to create Education-First TV Copy that feels like your brand? At Upstream 360, we developed a proven formula to do exactly that: Aducate 360.

Aducate 360 delivers straightforward, hard-hitting Education-First TV Copy that puts your product and benefit front and center. Each TV spot is true to your brand and proven to drive trial. Our approach blends product education with a consumer-relevant hook and emotive insight within your brand character.

This focused approach goes from ideation to on-air as quickly as 6-8 weeks. Plus, it’s flexible so that we can customize it for your specific product.

Here’s how our proven formula works to create Education-First TV Copy.

1. Investigation

First, we investigate by working with your brand team to establish clear insight and message direction. To optimize your existing demos, we collaborate directly with Research and Development (R&D). Internally, our product team can put the wheels in motion so that when we align on an idea, it’s full speed ahead.

2. Illumination

Next, we illuminate the insights with clear language and compelling storyboards. This allows us to establish the overall look, tone, and feel—including the set, music, talent, voice-over, animation needs, and other important elements in the production process.

3. Fascination

Last, we fascinate the consumer—this is where the magic happens. From pre-production, shooting, editing, post-production, and animation all the way to trafficking, we create the TV spot. The end result is product education that feels like your brand and drives trial.

Why Upstream 360?

We have the skills, tools, and relationships you need to deliver TV spots with the right mix of compelling and educational content for your brand.

After all, we’re a curiously nerdy group of demo and production experts. For our team at Upstream 360, tight timelines, demo optimization, and collaboration with R&D and Marketing are all in a day’s work.

Our multi-faceted creative and production teams will deliver work that’s clear and compelling. In addition, our extensive experience working across technical and brand teams allows us to find the intersection where product magic and audience relevance meet.

We work hard to deliver the most cost-efficient, streamlined production possible, whether that’s in our Cincinnati studio, on location, or internationally.

Upstream 360 has a history of successful product communication that includes educational content across every category and a deep archive of demo production—and your brand could be next.

A Formula That Gets Results

Aducate 360 creates Education-First TV Copy that builds consumers’ trust in your brand and drives trial. By using our proven formula for product education, we’ll get your brand real results.

Let’s look at an example. Using our Aducate 360 formula, Upstream 360 developed a TV spot for Cascade Platinum ActionPacs in conjunction with the North America Cascade team. The goal was to increase the shares of Cascade vs. Finish.

Cascade went from #2 to #1 overall in Canada, and the spot was so successful that it was approved for use in the United States and achieved worldwide airplay.

If you want to create successful Education-First TV Copy like this for your brand, you can count on our team at Upstream 360 to get you results.

Ready to learn more about starting your own Aducate 360 TV spot? Contact us today!